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Cinch Safety

Cinch Energy Services strives to provide efficient and safe working conditions on its job locations. It is our goal to deliver every employee home safe to his/her family. This is our primary focus in the field. CES takes detailed steps to ensure every aspect of its field operations are conducted with the maximum attention to safety which is why our EMR is 0.63 & TRIR is 0 for 9 years. Below is a partial listing of our Safety Regiment:

Safety Regiment:

  • Cinch Energy maintains in house personnel to supervise and manage all safety concerns. These individuals are charged with all aspects of Safety Maintenance and Improvements.
  • Annual Employee Training for H2S, CPR and First Aid.
  • Member of Eagle Ford Air Life which allows CES access to immediate air ambulance service in the event of an accident in the field.
  • Company Wide Monthly Safety Meetings.
  • Daily Tailgate Safety Meetings.
  • Pre–Employment and Random Drug Testing.
  • Field Safety Inspections.
  • Daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA).
Safety is our primary focus